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CalCulture Distributors proudly represents a small but carefully generated portfolio of wines and artisanal spirits.  Sil and team hand select each brand and partner with a strong and sustainable route to all channels of the California market that allows the team to optimize their approach to building brands, account by account.

We are on our way to becoming one of the most in-demand supplier in the San Diego region. If you too are looking to get quality products for a great price, you can count on us. Read on to learn more about what we do best.


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Catan Pisco

Awarded Double Gold medal for Best of Show at the San Diego Spirits Festival 2019, Catan Pisco is a grape-based spirit handcrafted in Chile.  Catan's perfectly balanced recipe took over 18 months to create.  Catan's founder, Catalina “Cat” Bentz and her husband Daniel “Dan” combined their names and “CATAN” was born!  The fruit forward and citrus aromas capture the organic purities of Catan Pisco’s hand-picked Pedro Ximénez Grapes furthermore, their meticulous double distillation process yields the smoothing progression as was intended by Catan’s copper stills. Catan Pisco is truly “A love story in every bottle”.

CaliFino Tequila

Don Jose Luna began the CaliFino legacy when he would get private batches of tequila, moonshine-style as far back as 1975.  He would visit family friends who owned a tequila distillery in Arandas, Jalisco were overtime, he developed a taste for the finest of tequilas.  This tradition was carried over by the next generation then later brought to San Diego.   After several trips, perfecting this craft luxury tequila recipe, the demand grew within family and friends.  In 2014 the Luna family and close family friend, Phil Salvagio, wanted to share this special tequila with everyone and CaliFino was born.  To experience CaliFino is to experience the Fino-things.

SpiritFruit – Premium Vodka & Sparkling Juice

SpiritFruit is a New England family owned business founded by Caitlin Morris in 2017 and co-founders John Burke (father) and Sean Burke (brother).  SpiritFruit delivers 3 flavors of clean, crisp and refreshing tastes using only premium vodka and real sparkling juice.  Crafted with all-natural ingredients from the rolling hills of Sainte Genevieve County in Missouri.  SpiritFruit is 100% gluten free.  Its flavors include the super refreshing Clementine, the crisp, tangy Grapefruit and the not too sweet or tart but bold Blackberry.  All 3 consist of well-balanced flavors, corn based vodka, and 5 times distilled process for a smooth ultra-clean taste directly from the east coast to the west coast “Cheers”!

Goldlok Supreme Vodka

The passionate taste of sugar cane tantalizes an unfiltered expression of a smooth vodka.  Goldlok is distilled five times from the natural essence of the Amazon in Brazil.  The smooth taste of Goldlok starts with the crisp waters of the Rocky Mountains and organic Brazilian sugar cane. To further enhance its character, Goldlok borrows methods from California's top winemakers to mellow out and soften the spirit. The result? It's a delicious vodka that's ready to sip, made into sophisticated cocktails, and everything in between. There are absolutely no additives, just pure sugar cane, clean water, oxygen, and time. Luxury is defined by the very best of everything.  Goldlok seeks out eco-friendly choices in all aspects of the business. Just a few green examples include using FSC certified and carbon neutral face labels, fair farm trading for sugar cane, and designing a bottle that is stylish enough to be reused in various ways.  “The Taste of Luxury” ™


Doffo Winery

2018 Winery of the Year; founder Marcelo Doffo moved to the United States in 1994 from Argentina.  Since childhood, Doffo has always had a passion for imported European motorcycles as it is why the MotoDoffo Vintage Motorcycle Collection is a big part of Doffo’s wines and now consists of approximately 200 motorcycles and scooters from all over the world.  These vintage, restored motorcycles can be admired in the MotoDoffo Barrel Room while enjoying a glass of wine.  One of MotoDoffo’s best-seller is the Malbec-forward red blend.

Marcelo entrusts Doffo Winery to his three children: Brigitte, Samantha and Damian.

Damian Doffo is a promising winemaker.  As a leader in the up-and-coming wine region, Damian is a member of the Temecula Valley Winegrower’s Association Board of Directors and helps guide this coalition of winemakers.

Brigitte Doffo-Cartaya is the Tasting Room Director, and under her direction newcomers and existing members are welcomed to a newly renovated and elegant space for one of a kind wine tasting experience.

Samantha Doffo is the Events Coordinator and has turned Doffo Winery into a true destination in Temecula Valley.

Winemaking is Doffo’s primary passion.  From hand crafted wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, to Malbec Reserve, to Moto Doffo Grand Tinto, Mistura, California Sparkling wine, and Grappa Brandy, their philosophy is that bigger isn’t better, instead Doffo Winery keeps operations small in effort to deliver fine wine while focusing on superb customer service.

**Price to be determined based on wine selection (price does not include sales tax or shipping)


CalCulture is a 100% women owned and operated, wholesale distributor of fine wine and spirits for California. The company was established in 2018 by passionate wine enthusiast,Sil Sanchez who sought to bring fine wine and spirits to a refreshed and rapidly growing market.


The same vision and commitment to quality and enthusiasm continues today. CalCulture’s unique brand and category mix consists of Women-owned businesses. CalCulture is dedicated to deliver this exceptional portfolio to one of the most demanding markets in California.

Get to know CalCulture Distributors, a three-tier system supplier in San Diego. As a new company, we’re growing rapidly, increasing the number of our loyal clients and leading the beverages industry forward. We supply our customers with only top-quality wine and spirits. Contact us today to become our next satisfied client!


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