CaliFino Tequila

CaliFino Tequila – Premium grade, 100% agave craft tequila 40% Alc./Vol.750 ML

Don Jose Luna began the CaliFino legacy when he would get private batches of tequila, moonshine-style as far back as 1975.  He would visit family friends who owned a tequila distillery in Arandas, Jalisco were overtime, he developed a taste for the finest of tequilas.  This tradition was carried over by the next generation then later brought to San Diego.   After several trips, perfecting this craft luxury tequila recipe, the demand grew within family and friends.  In 2014 the Luna family and close family friend, Phil Salvagio, wanted to share this special tequila with everyone and CaliFino was born.  To experience CaliFino is to experience the Fino-things.

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