GoldLok Supreme Vodka

Goldlok Supreme Vodka - 40% Alc./Vol.750 ML

The passionate taste of sugar cane tantalizes an unfiltered expression of a smooth vodka.  Goldlok is distilled 5 times from the natural essence of the Amazon in Brazil.  The smooth taste of Goldlok starts with the crisp waters of the Rocky Mountains and organic Brazilian sugarcane. To further enhance its character, Goldlok borrows methods from California's top winemakers to mellow out and soften the spirit. The result? It's a delicious vodka that's ready to sip, made into sophisticated cocktails, and everything in between. There are absolutely no additives, just pure sugarcane, clean water, oxygen, and time. Luxury is defined by the very best of everything.  Goldlok seeks out eco-friendly choices in all aspects of the business. Just a few green examples include using FSC certified and carbon neutral face labels, fair farm trading for sugar cane, and designing a bottle that is stylish enough to be reused in various ways.  “The Taste of Luxury” ™

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