SpiritFruit – Premium Vodka & Sparkling Juice

SpiritFruit – Premium Vodka & Sparkling Juice - 6% Alc./Vol. 355 ML

SpiritFruit is a New England family owned business founded by Caitlin Morris in 2017 and co-founders John Burke (father) and Sean Burke (brother).  SpiritFruit delivers 3 flavors of clean, crisp and refreshing tastes using only premium vodka and real sparkling juice.  Crafted with all-natural ingredients from the rolling hills of Sainte Genevieve County in Missouri, SpiritFruit is 100% gluten free.  Its flavors include the super refreshing Clementine, the crisp, tangy Grapefruit, and the bold Blackberry.  All 3 consist of well-balanced flavors, corn-based vodka, and 5 times distilled process for a smooth ultra-clean taste directly from the east coast to the west coast.

Burke & Morris has strict control of the supply chain from raw material to the finished product with processes in place to ensure quality control.  SpiritFruit beverages are crafted with all-natural ingredients, free of chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, and it is 100% gluten free.  Furthermore, SpiritFruit uses 5X distilled corn based vodka (gluten free), Carbonated water, All natural juices and flavoring, Stevia, and Citric Acid.


SpiritFruit beverages are intended for human consumption and free from harmful concentrations of any heavy metals or pesticides.  SpiritFruit’s co-packer Crown Valley Winery adheres to strict and current Good Manufacturing Practices as set forth by the Food and Drug Administration in the Code of Federal Regulation.


All three of Spiritfruit flavors are consistently manufactured to meet these guidelines.


  • Spiritfruit Sparkling Grapefruit
  • Spiritfruit Sparkling Blackberry
  • Spiritfruit Sparkling Clementine


Spiritfruit takes pride in creating a unique and premium product using quality, all-natural ingredients, and we appreciate the opportunity to make them available at Whole Foods.

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